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Serving of the best sandwiches in San Francisco is not accidentally.

The Deluxe San Francisco Sandwich

To many, crafting a sandwich is about two slices of bread, some meat, some cheese, and maybe additional toppings. To many more, however, a sandwich is a work of art that requires a skilled hand and eye to know not only where everything goes, but how the ingredients work together and why. This art form of crafting the best sandwich that is also healthy is the staple of our unique tastes we offer at Bite Room. From the best ingredients to the care that goes into creating each sandwich, salad, juice, and french fries, we pride ourselves on sticking out among other San Francisco sandwich shops.

There are secrets to making the best sandwich that is often overlooked or simply unknown by the general public, and since you have taken the time to read this blog I shall divulge some of them for you (But not all of them, gotta stay in business after all).

Where to begin. Well, choosing the right bread is the first step of making a mouthwatering sandwich. If we consider bread as the tasty canvas, the perfect bread should match with the other ingredients as they come together to create a taste experience that is unrivaled.

The next step in creating the best sandwich is using premium ingredients that provide a delicious and healthy choice for any meal. Not every topping will be a good match for every type of meat. The toppings (tomato, lettuce, etc) and the meat must complement each other while the cheese acts as a matchmaker in a way that makes you desire a never ending sandwich. This is something that Bite Room truly prides itself on, and if you too wish to be a sandwich connoisseur then you need to stop buying packets of meat and cheese and find yourself a delicatessen.

The carefully chosen spread you pick to cover the inside of your sandwich end to end to guarantee consistent deliciousness is no more or less important than any other ingredient. Just like any other ingredient, there is a different spread for every occasion (and sometimes the occasion calls for no spread), there is no one spread to rule them all.

Once you’ve assembled your crack team of Deluxe ingredients you are ready to craft. You start from the bottom up and make sure there is a place for everything and that everything is in its place. Delicately slice your meats and cheeses, disperse your spread as you see fit and start constructing your palatable experience. Bite Room is the shining example of the deluxe San Francisco sandwich, complete with the best ingredients money can buy and crafting that combine to create a healthy and delightful experience. The mouthwatering San Francisco sandwich of Bite Room is always suited with the perfect bread to compliment the taste explosion you will experience with our high-end ingredients. Everything needs to be premium to take you to that next level of flavor. Your tastebuds will thank you.