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How to make a french fries.

The Making of: The Perfect French Fries

One of the best additions to a meal is getting fries on the side. The best french fries should complement the food while being as healthy as possible, fresh as possible, and as tasty as possible. If you sacrifice one to satisfy another then I’m afraid that you have not made the best french fries. Obviously, with this description, most of the famous fast food chains are already disqualified from this category.

Making french fries is like a journey, it can be made to be tasty in a number of ways, but to make them perfectly tasty and healthy, the right ingredients play a crucial role.

At Bite Room we try hard to make the best fries in San Francisco that’s why we use the best ingredients for everything we do, including our french fries. We cut the best potatoes fresh, fry them up in vegetable oil and serve them to you hot and ready to enjoy with our tantalizingly good housemade dipping sauce that guarantees your satisfaction.

Try our crispy golden fries (garlic or otherwise) with our signature dipping sauce or any of our salads and soup, and enjoy a supreme taste satisfaction without the side of guilt.